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Our award winning filmmaking enables Bluedot to tackle projects ranging from full length documentaries to post production specialties. Our experience in producing media on a local, national and international level is driven by our desire to connect people, and sustained by an ability to improvise in the heat of the moment.

All stories are human stories. We are in the business of telling these stories and helping others tell theirs. We thrive on creative challenges – and are not afraid to take on difficult, controversial or esoteric subject matter.

Our proven expertise in cinematography, graphic design and story-telling; our substantial experience in sound engineering, and the discernment to choose projects that celebrate living are the core qualities which make bluedot the ones to watch.

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  1. Incredibly insightful and intelligent man. I would like subtitles though, no fault or disrespect intended towards Dr. Goswami. I just have a hard time hearing certain words.