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Looking for someone who wants to make a music video for my music. Contact me if you are interested:

In the beginning of 2010 Blue Funeral started working on a full lenght record. The debut album "Thoughts of the Damned" was released in September 2010 as a physical cd and digital download. The website Leicester Bangs reviewed the album, saying: Blue Funeral does have an identity, and the strong material is the key, augmented by the (mainly) keyboard and drum programming arrangements. Somewhat surprisingly it is a one-man band. In November 2010 the second single "Love Will Be The Crime" (taken from the album) got it's release. The single comes with a previously unreleased song called "Horses".

In January 2011 Blue Funeral released an exclusive free download single called "Strange Voodoo". The song can be downloaded for free in the Blue Funeral download store at In December 2010 Blue Funeral started working on a new album, which will be released in May 2011. The title of the new album will be "The Darkness Waits For Me". The album will be available as digital download and cd. The cd comes in a special package and will feature several bonus-tracks. A book will be out in May/ June, featuring all the lyrics for the albums, ep's and never before released material.

Buy "Thoughts Of The Damned" CD at or Also available as digital download on iTunes, Amazon, Napster, LastFm, Emusic and many more...

For more information you can visit or

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