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Bob Rose is a working Editor, Videographer, and *award-winning motion picture creationist located in Baltimore, MD.

He was honored to have been TIME MAGAZINE's Person Of The Year in 2006

Sometimes he enjoys entertaining the silly notion that he is also a Writer, Director, and Filmmaker. His two rules about his personal work: DON'T BORE THE AUDIENCE. DON'T BE PRETENTIOUS.

His work has been featured on THE FOOD NETWORK, ACE OF CAKES, AINT IT COOL NEWS, JOBLO.COM, NPR.ORG, The Baltimore Sun, and 101.9 Lite FM.

He's also has had the opportunity to work with John Waters, Eduardo Sanchez, The Grammy Nominated band MILKSHAKE, Chris LaMartina, and former member of THE TIME and co-star of Purple Rain, Paul Peterson.

He also really enjoys mac and cheese.

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