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"Boffo" is a term used to review a box office hit. It means excellent, first-rate and resoundingly successful. Did you notice how much different our videos look? It's because they actually ARE different.

Our videos are not about us, it's about you. You inspire our process. It is all about the moments, whether it be the maid of honor trying to sneak a piece of chocolate from the candy bar to the groomsman trying to get a solo picture from the photobooth to post on facebook. We don't let it pass us by.

Due to an almost unlimited resource for video capturing equipment, anyone can shoot. Fortunately, few can be considered excellent video editors. That is where WE stand out! Our expertise in translating static video into cherished memories has been our trademark. We don't just shoot video, we tell stories.

Now it's your chance to share your story and relive your special day without checking on your wallet! You deserve a worry free wedding day, a beautiful wedding video and the right to party!:)

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