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Boiler Media is a young TV production company with a taste for nature and good TV. The main objective of Boiler Media is to create high quality documentaries and other media projects within the fields of ‘nature’, ‘ecology’, ‘biology’ and ‘travel’.
The Boiler Media crew consists of media professionals with a career going on but this project allows us to do the things that we really want to do, with the people that we really enjoy hanging out with.
Our common interest is a strong love for nature, adventure and excellent TV content. We do not have the ambition to become a big media production house. We deliberately choose to operate from our home town Meerhout located in Belgium in a region that’s called De Kempen (from the latin word campina, meaning ‘open space’).
And we do have a strategic plan! It’s called ‘Doing Things’…


  1. Frank Resseler
  2. Earth Touch
  3. Xavier Ruffin
  4. Lou Berghmans
  6. Dagobert Sondervan
  7. Savage Film
  8. maarten moerkerke
  9. Diego Dezuttere
  10. Lode Bellens
  11. leo de bock
  12. Kris Melis
  13. Mark Coenen
  14. nic balthazar
  15. Jean Philip De Tender
  16. jeroen de greef
  17. Robbie Delaere
  18. Yoohan Leyssens

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