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For advertisers and promoters who need impactful imagery to communicate their message, BOKEHinc is a commercial and event photography group that provides a reliable experience with powerful results. Unlike other photographers in this niche, our key difference is to truly understand our partners and convey that understanding through our photographs.

Based out of Toronto, BOKEHinc strives to not only make great images, but maximize various distribution channels to foster social excitement. The arrival of each shoot is preceded by countless hours of preparation and scouting. However, this comes with the appreciation to expect the unexpected. As seen through our photography, we aim to freeze moments of spontaneity for the consumption of creative eyeballs.

We are rooted in the belief that complacency is death. Working with the latest software and gear is a small piece of the puzzle. Most of our experience comes working with various groups all over the world and adapting to constantly changing needs.

Fundamentally, we are in a competitive market desperately vying for attention. What sets us apart is our acute attention to detail, and passion for collaborating with different schools of thought. We here thrive to capture the unnoticed; the moment you blinked. We are in the business of bringing focus.

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