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Boldylocks Media Group was created in 2000 while one of its founders was working in the industry as an actress.
Richard "Ricci" Franklin, April Bolds and Rob "ClubMan" Wickman put their heads together (collectively, all members of Boldylocks have graduate educations; Richard and April in the sciences -Microbiology and Immunology (Ricci) and Psychology (April), and Rob -Law-) and decided they would pursue their true passion, ART, through film. At the time when they founded their "Group", digital film was heresy. Most prominent directors were avoiding the medium essentially waiting for the technology to "catch up" to being at least as good as TV and nearly as good as film. The members of Boldlyocks Media Group, not being in "that group" of naysayers, forged ahead determined to direct, produce and/or edit digital films. Since then a short film was created which won two awards, and several editing projects have been undertaken all of which we hope to post on VIMEO. We are available for any future projects and look forward to any contacts, comments or mud slinging...


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