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My name is Christopher Pratt. By day I am a manager and general ruffian of online marketing things (SEO, Content Management, marketing analysis) at a local business in Boone, NC. By weekend and night I am a climber, photographer, and lover of coffee, beer, knowing little, and dilettanting much.

I'm fond of the "Go Local" movement, I believe in music, and I believe in His High Holiness the Flying Spaghetti Monster (Reform Church).

I am the propagator of the website BooneLive, a project dedicated to documenting portions of the live music scene in Boone, North Carolina while supporting up and coming bands as well as the local venues and people that make it all possible.

I wear a tucked in button up to work Monday through Friday, 8-5 and want to let people know what the hell kind of awesome issue there is in Boone, North Carolina.

Music, Food, Mountains, Climbing, and Floridians.

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  • BooneLive - Recording the things that go bump in the night at the bars and shops of Boone, NC


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