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Entertainment Critic, Graphics Designer, Web Designer. Become our fan on FB: facebook.com/pages/TBC-presents-Bootlegged-Reviews/108752615813833.
Enjoy the good and bad in life. That's what makes one stronger. Giving the audience a fair & honest heads up is our mission. Voicing your opinion is your right. Here we try to speak on what's being dumped into, what we call, the Whirlpool Of Shame (W.O.S.) otherwise known as the Entertainment Industry. This goes for all types of media no matter what! W.O.S. because no matter how talentless you truly are, there's someone out there willing to give up money to listen or watch you complete your journey to Foolishness... They are even willing to conduct interviews on Broken Boulevard & Behind the Music to help get the rest of us to believe the lies they told you.The Bootlegger's Chronicles does NOT condone nor condemn the art of bootlegging Street Vending or "piracy" as the W.O.S. would like to call it. We do NOT MAKE the creations just review them. Keep up with the latest reviews and thoughts via the bootleggerschronicles.com and bootleggerschronicles.com/tbcblogged/

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