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BOOT RECORDINGS spots talented singer/songwriters in pubs and records them on tape from the boot of a car for listeners worldwide. In search of real and authentic music we record in a limited setting, and go back to what the song is about, just as in the earlier days.

20 - 28 October 2012, Falmouth (UK)
15 - 29 July 2012, From Dover to Land’s End (UK)

A Project by: Evert Aalten, and Ron Ariëns,
In memory of, and as a tribute to Alan Lomax (1915 - 2002).

For the singer/songwriters to be recorded, they’ll have to accept certain conditions:



• The boot crew visits an English pub with an open mic session or a planned gig by a local singer/songwriter. The next afternoon a recording of one song will be made.

• The singer/songwriter is an unsigned, undiscovered talent.

• The singer/songwriter is a native English speaker.

• The singer/songwriter provides electricity, internet connection, food, drinks and safe shelter for crew and boot.


• The crew has to be able to reach the singer/songwriter’s house, or any other place with a socket, close enough with the car to get electricity for the tapedeck. The power cable is 20 feet long.

• Recordings must be made within a range of ten feet from the boot of the car.

• The singer/songwriter plays outside or inside, as long as it is no more than ten feet from the boot.

• The singer/songwriter has only two microphones available, recorded on tape.

• The recording engineer is not able to cut or paste in takes, this means the singer/songwriter only plays one-takers.

• The track is mixed quickly and put on &, together with the film and photos. On return to the Netherlands, the boot crew will mix the tracks properly at Scandal Studios, and the album will be finalised; Boot Recordings, Volume 1.


• When recording is over, the singer/songwriter is asked to suggest a new singer/songwriter somewhere on the road to Land’s End to the crew, or a good place to find one. If no suggestions are put forward, the crew will hit the next town on the route and visit a pub in search of a new singer/songwriter.

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