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Giorgio Bonecchi Borgazzi (Milan, 1968) graduated in 1989 as a Cinematographer at CTC, the Cine-Televisual School of Milan. He then attended Ermanno Olmi’s Factory, Ipotesi Cinema.
Between 1990 and 1993 he worked as cinematographer and editor for Videocast, a corporate films and commercials company.
In 1993 he founded his own small production company, Killer Elite Film. Here, while developing corporate and commercial work, Giorgio also wrote, directed and produced shorts and documentaries that were successfully showcased in national and international festivals, collecting many distinctions in the years.
Between 1995 and 1999, Giorgio’s shorts entered the official competition at Torino Film Festival for five years in a row and gained accreditation and awards by critics and jury.
In 1998 he became the first Italian director to be selected for the short film competition at Sundance Film Festival with “Elvis dead at 58”. The film gained accreditation from the American Critics at the Festival and was highly appreciated by the audience.
In 2001, with director Fabrizio Trigari and producer Laura Dondi, Giorgio launched Vixen srl, a production and post- production company.
Giorgio dedicated the next few years to writing screenplays, completing two features, “Il Nemico Americano” (“American Enemy”) and “Elle (Siren)”.
In 2003, “Elle (Siren)” was awarded the Jury Prize for best screenplay at BAFF Film Festival in Italy. The Jury, presided by Carlo Lizzani and including other Italian personalities like Italo Moscati, Suso Cecchi D’Amico, Giuseppe Piccioni and Furio Scarpelli, awarded the screenplay with the following statement:
«Fantasy, first essential nourishment of cinema, is the fundamental quality of this screenplay where persisting rythm and Conradian ambiguity tell a tale of love and friendship in a learned and sage manner»
In 2004, Giorgio wrote and directed the animated short “Pepita is on” in collaboration with artist Iaia Filiberti. Together, they also developed the illustrated book “Pepita”, published in October 2004 by Magazzini Salani, and the short film became pilot for an animated television series.
In 2007 Giorgio directed "Otto Parole" a film made by students and established industry professionals who worked together from beginning to end. Otto Parole won Fedic Award as Best Film At Valdarno Film Festival and was later nominated for best editing at the 2008 GrandOFF European Awards in Warsaw. Giorgio then directed a 10 episode docufiction for SKY TV’s CNBC channel while polishing the script for his first feature. In 2010, he returned on set to shoot “Urka Burka”, a short movie freely adapted from Laura Campiglio’s Novel (“Du Bon Usage du Burqa”), now travelling at film festivals around the world.
In 2010 Giorgio also directed “Last Summer”, the launch music video for theFilmakers, the rock band whose lead singer, Luca Solbiati, acted as main actor of “Urka Burka” and music composer of “Otto Parole”. Giorgio is now working on the pre- production of his new projects, set for release in 2011.

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