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Hello Vimeo. For over a year I posted my videos on YouTube. It was nice for a while but as I find myself wanting to become more professional in my video making I felt the desire to find other video editors and film makers like myself and to share my videos with them and perhaps get some real feedback on the videos that I have been making. I'm considering going to Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy here in Chicago and attend their film school. I plan on focusing my education there on the post production aspect of film making which I already do but on a very amateur level. I truly love editing...unfortunately I can't film any original video footage(I could use my cellphone but that would be too cheesy) I am able to find random video clips that I feel would fit whatever video project that I have been inspired to do..decide what clips to keep according to the desired feel or story that is being told by the video. Then adding in just the right production music to go along with the video clips that were trimmed and put into the storyboard. Sometimes in my videos I add in titles to help tie the story of the video together. In the end I have a short video that formed from just a single thought or inspiration and turned it into a short story that I hope people will enjoy


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