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  1. 03:43

    Fear Factor - Cynthia Dill on her biggest hurdle in the U.S. Senate race in Maine

    by Boss Media

    1 Video

    Watch Cynthia Dill's top-rated video, which features the Democratic nominee talking about how fear has come to dominate the campaign in Maine.

  2. 09:00

    Cynthia Dill - Up Close and Personal

    by Boss Media

    5 Videos

    Interviews with Cynthia Dill and her family on the campaign for the U.S. Senate in Maine.

  3. 57:27

    Boss Media & Communications videos: A look at our clients

    by Boss Media

    20 Videos

    A look at a variety of Boss Media videos.

  4. 03:40

    Cynthia Dill - On the Issues for the U.S. Senate

    by Boss Media

    2 Videos

    Short videos, from recent debates with other U.S. Senate candidates, on important regional, national and global issues of interest to Maine voters.

  5. 38:35

    "On the Campaign Trail" weekly video report from Cynthia Dill

    by Boss Media

    15 Videos

    Installment three of Cynthia Dill, Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, on the campaign trail in Maine.

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