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Switch Activated Lighted LED pour spouts

About US!

We designed, developed. patented our product now we manufacture them for the world!!

BottleStar products are patented and unrivaled pour spout that generates
gentle hues and elegant lighting to premium bottles of fine spirits.

What is BottleStar and why do you need one?

BottleStar patented products are pour spouts that light up bottles from the inside out. BottleStar patented products are switch-activated for the ultimate control. Without question, BottleStar patented lighted pour spouts are THE MUST HAVE ITEM FOR V.I.P! and Bottleservice

What makes our product unique?
Bottlestar is bright and shine in and out of the pourer illuminating the bottle it is in.

it has a switch to help you control your vibe! We provide 3 modes all by clicking the switch

* Strobe effect (fast blinking)
* Sonar (slow blinking)
* Solid State (light always on)

When your sparkler goes out you have nothing left but with bottlestar you can shine all nightSee More

To Change VIP/Bottleservice for ever

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