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I’ve been creating motion graphics & animations for the past decade and with these skills I launched my own business in 2011; LooseKeys. At LooseKeys we are Animators, Editors & Storytellers who help companies large and small attract customers with creative videos.

I also have a passion and love of craft beer and podcasting. There are a number of podcasts I’ve started over the years, one of the longest running is The Hop Cast. The Hop Cast is a video podcast that focuses on craft beer reviews, interviews and general thoughts on the craft beer industry. I’m also co-host of Chicago Beer Pass, Toon Talk Weekly and The Lane Podcast. Each one of these podcasts allow me to connect with a lager audience inside and outside my animation field.

Building connections and contacts is important for anyone running their own business as well as working in a creative industry. To help stay connected with the growing and evolving motion graphics industry I co-founded the Chicago Motion Artists Group. This is a group of Chicago creatives who meet up about every other month to chat about motion graphics work and show off the fantastic projects they’ve completed.

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