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  1. Digital Art& Animation

    by Maja Savic joined

    156 Videos / 75 Members

    A group for all those who love independent animation and are willing to share, discuss, ask questions, answer them, suggest movies (preferably short ones), make or/and watch animated movies or for…

  2. Motion Graphics Etc.

    by Kasra Design joined

    3,279 Videos / 1,271 Members

    Dear Artists, Here is a place to add all of your greatest works such as Showreels, 3d animations, 2d animations, Mixed Media, CGI and anything that consists of visual effects. So make sure…

  3. I Luv Animation

    by M.Serkan Karaduman joined

    183 Videos / 45 Members

  4. graphic design

    by killermedia joined

    1,038 Videos / 580 Members


    by ZANIMOTION joined

    8,671 Videos / 1,908 Members

  6. HD

    by Blake Whitman joined

    72.6K Videos / 12.8K Members

    The Vimeo High Definition Group.

  7. Motion League

    by Paul Conigliaro joined

    154 Videos / 92 Members

    The official Vimeo group for all things Motion League.

  8. Explanimations / Explainer Videos

    by Captain Motion joined

    186 Videos / 60 Members

    This group features Explanimations - also called Explainer Videos or Explainer Animations - Animations that explain a Service of Product. For more information about Explainers, visit our product…

  9. Infographics

    by Christian Whiticar joined

    1,074 Videos / 833 Members

    Here lie the Motion Infographics of the Vimeo world.

  10. Must See Demoreels

    by versa joined

    661 Videos / 3,155 Members

    SELECTED Demo\Showreels that you must see! This group is FOR REELS ONLY. PreModeration by versa. UPD: temporary new videos will be adding by moderator only. Best!

  11. Visual/Special FX

    by BK Garceau, III joined

    13.3K Videos / 4,973 Members

    For any film/video that uses visual or special effects, whether its 2D/3D animation, green screen compositing, or just cool effects! Share your creative ideas, thoughts and expressions!

  12. Demo Reel / Graphics

    by guillaume Colomb joined

    245 Videos / 157 Members

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