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Chicago, IL

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A methodical risk taker, non-linear thinker, driven by a unique blend to prioritize asks, organization standards, and dedication to detail. As a creative editor, colorist, and visual storyteller with over 7 years of experience in cutting together and color grading both short and feature length films, Brandon can employ his creative and analytical skills to create buzz-worthy, award-winning productions.

Brandon's philosophy of filmmaking stands on his concept of the three Cs: Communication. Collaboration. Creativity. It is within this mindset that he finds it rewarding to experiment with rhythm and pace during the editing process, as well as structuring together a story that has captivating visuals and engaging context. When color grading, he uses the various hues to help support and enhance the world and characters of the film.

Brandon is enthusiast to brainstorm with fellow creative minds and passionate to collaborate with them on projects that will inspire audiences and future filmmakers.

Let us create something magical together!

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