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I started Brannu Studios because of my passion for music, video production & photography. I started out making music and videos as an artist then finally in 2008 I decided to go to college to turn my passion into my career.

I have a degree in Digital Video Production and a lot of experience. I'm inspired by music and art. My biggest role models are Diddy and Iroc (Irin Daniels-Music Video Director). I share their same work ethic and passion for this industry. I love hip-hop and r&b but I have respect and appreciation for all music and all artist.

My goal is to give those who can't afford to pay thousands for a music video the opportunity to be seen and heard. With music videos and professional photos, you will get the respect and attention you deserve.

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  • Brannu Studios - Brannu Studios produces very affordable, high quality HD music videos. We also specialize in glamour photography. We'll work with you start to finish to do it right!