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Formerly known as New York Canidae, Pirate&Tribe. Formed in early 2011 their visions, goals, and objectives were firmly founded on the idea of meshing and synergizing creative outlets together to form something unique and flavorful. This is sensually apparent in the creations that they make, which are portrayed in hybrid forms of film, art, music, and athleticism. Through their trials and travels they’ve learned to strike an almost perfect balance of imaginative expression that has allowed them to gain a following and have the opportunity to convey a message to the entire world. They are visionaries, philosophers, and artistic revolutionaries. These individuals take what they want from the world as well as the attention of those whom embrace them. From there they gather and bring their knowledge together to combine it all into one, to create their strange yet unique and beautiful life style to express to those who are willing to listen and see. Their heart and determination are too strong to stop and fall short of their dreams and to not find that world they see worth living in. Hence the name, hence the movement, Pirate&Tribe