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Utrecht, The Netherlands

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Breaking Ground (BG) is a platform for European student filmmakers. Our goal is to give new talent the chance to present themselves and their work to the public and the film industry. As a platform, we take every opportunity to present European Student film. So, Breaking Ground pops up everywhere, when you expect it, or, when you don't.

-- Breaking Ground - screening new talent --

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  2. Emil Langballe
  3. Matúš Vizár
  4. Sjors Vervoort
  5. Juande Marfil
  6. Oleg Gavriliuc
  7. Amos Mulder
  8. Cartoon Brew
  9. Sophie Klevenow
  10. György Kristóf
  11. Leo Bridle
  12. michelle hofman
  13. arnaud ducharne
  14. Severin Kuhn
  15. Destevetter
  16. Mathijs de Bruin
  17. LUCA, kunst & architectuur
  18. Kristian Andrews

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