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BREAKING RULES MEDIA was started by Hip Hop recording artist Jacob Izrael aka Tredale McCullough back in 2011. Don't know Jacob Izrael, google him. His first two music videos were filmed with a $100 JVC camera, Youtube "Geekster" and "Turn it Up" under "39 Lashes Media". Jacob, couldn't afford a professional video production company so he decided to take matters in his own hand by purchasing a tripod, $100 JVC camcorder, and using the pre-installed "Windows Movie Maker" on his XP OS desktop. Although his first few music videos were a bit cheesy, they were relevant for that time, before Youtube and Vimeo offered HD capability on their websites. Jacob kept at it and eventually got better and moved up to High Definition camcorders and better editing programs such as Adobe Premier Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe After Effects, and etc.

After shooting several music videos of his own, Jacob, was asked by local recording artist to film their music videos and the rest was history ( Word of Mouth travels fast )

The name "BREAKING RULES MEDIA" was chosen because Jacob kept getting approached by recording artist wanting him to film music videos for them. These recording artist didn't fit the description of any "Christian or Gospel" recording artist. At first Jacob didn't want to take on any of these jobs but he felt as though his back was against the wall and ends weren't meeting on the "39 Lashes Media" end. He decided to take on a few of these artist and doing so he felt that he was "BREAKING THE RULES", thus "BREAKING RULES MEDIA" was born.

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