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Brenda Clews is an African-Canadian poet, painter and video poet born in a small mining town in Zimbabwe who lives in Toronto. She has edited textbooks, written articles for newspapers, taught yoga, done temporary office work, and dog sitting, while maintaining a reclusive lifestyle of writing and painting. She has a degree in Fine Arts and abandoned a PhD in English Lit many years ago. Brenda has had solo art shows at York University and recently at Q Space, and been in a number of group art shows. Her artwork has appeared in several books and as journal covers. Her poetry has been published in various books and print and on-line journals over the years. LyricalMyrical published her chapbook, 'the luminist poems' this year. She cites her early years spent barefoot, living in a compound of mud huts, with many wild animals and the wonderful Ndembu people, in the jungle of Kafue National Park in Zambia, for her deep resonance with the beauty, strangeness and brilliance of the tribal mind and the natural world. She is a multi-media artist whose approach to a topic may include poetry, painting, theory, dance, recordings, and video. Brenda's oeuvre focuses on the plethora, the multiple callings, the obsessive muse, the prism rather than the spotlight, or on multiple spotlights. She writes, "Where else do you flee? How else do you combine yourself?"

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