James Brereton

Melbourne, Australia

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James Brereton
Cinematography | Photography

James has been involved in photography since the age of 9 when he would support his father as an assistant.

By the age of 15 his creative eye was let loose after being handed a DSLR to shoot freely around the periphery of the wedding scene.

One of James’ first shots was chosen by the bride as a title page image in a lovely imported Queensberry album.

After developing a passion for story throughout the latter years of high school, James decided the still image wasn't always enough and enrolled at uni for a bachelor of film production.

Without a clear vision and open to anything, film school taught him one thing - he needed a focus, and that focus became clear.

Light | Colour | Composition

"A poet needs a pen,
a painter a brush,
and a filmmaker an army."
Orson Wells

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