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Brett Forsyth has spent the last 3 years teaching and developing curriculum for the Digital Design program at Vancouver Film School. He spearheads many internal projects, the latest being a homegrown multi-touch display. Nominated for "Best Instructor" at 3 different graduations, he finally brought home the bacon last year. Teaching keeps Brett pushing forward - so he can stay ahead of his students.

Brett also works as a consultant for Tangible Interaction Design,, and the social-networking-slash-comic-fan site Zeros 2 Heroes. Recently, he was project manager and technical lead on the Adobe-sponsored Reel Ideas Studio web project, in which he collaborated with VFS colleagues, graduates, and current students. The site hosted a worldwide short film contest judged at the Cannes Film Festival.

When not immersed in his computer, you will likely find Brett sailing, hiking, diving, and taking photos around his hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia.

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