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"Cinematography is infinite in its possibilities."

I'm an avid cinematographer. I am enticed by light, colour, and the visual aspect of narrative film-making. Through this medium of photographed motion creativity, in it's finest form, is expressed. I am inspired by nature and her people. Mountains, oceans, deserts, forests.


  1. Morgan Maassen
  2. Jaro Minne
  4. Salty Beards
  6. martin de thurah
  7. Sage
  8. Christian Sorensen Hansen
  9. Weston Stoltze
  10. Tate Thiele
  11. Corey Vent
  12. Eugenia Loli
  13. bayol
  14. Kyle Shields
  15. Jake
  16. Nick Brengle
  17. Jason Barron
  18. Solomon Chase

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  1. Wow. What an incredible video. I've been a huge Grizzly Bear fan and am delighted to have found this. Beautifully done!