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Brian Michael Gossett lives with his wife Ashley, and dogs Max + Molly, in New York City where he works as an Art Director / Director at The Mill. When they aren’t working they find themselves exploring the world, absorbing culture, art, and nature. These adventures come through in his colorful and multi-cultural inspired art, design, and animation.

Brian’s been involved in a wide variety of projects, both small and large, over the past 10 years. He loves to explore a vast plethora of mediums from typography to hand rendered illustration to character design to motion graphics.

Brian is flattered and sometimes reluctant to admit that his work has been exhibited at the ADC gallery in NYC when he was awarded a Young Gun in 2008. He was then invited to take part in “Come In” at the A+D Museum in Los Angeles in 2010 where he exhibited over 25 pieces of original art and design. Brian is humbled to say he’s been published in magazines such as Print, IdN, Advanced Photoshop Techniques, and How to name a few as well as had nods online via Motionographer, The Fox is Black, The Strange Attractor, Form Fifty Five, Grain Edit, Beautiful Decay, OK Great, and Change the Thought among several others.

When he’s not making stuff, he keeps busy writing for such blogs as Motionographer and Yes Yes Y’all, while also running his own personal music blog. Above all, he loves putting smiles on faces..

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