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I have always been a visual person. In high school I used to make home videos with my friend who lived next door. It was during that time that I realized my passion for film. After high school I took a couple film classes at my local community college. For multiple summers during high school and college I was a camp videographer at several large camps. While attending the local college, I shot Ashes to Ashes, a short film for a class project and before long it got noticed by the school’s film department and was voted on to be submitted to the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Pacific Southwest Chapter. From there the short film was nominated and won the 2008 Pacific Southwest Emmy for Outstanding Student Achievement. After this great achievement, I transferred to a film school in Los Angeles, California. While at film school I had the opportunity to work on several student films and even started a wedding videography business. Along with my videography business, I have interned at More Media and Dick Clark Productions. A couple weeks before my internship was over at Dick Calrk Productions, I was offered a job. I was the only person offered a job among 30 other interns. I graduated December 2012 with a B.A. in Cinema and Media Arts with a Production emphasis. It is my desire to capture stories in the most visually stunning way that will captivate audiences.

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