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Salt Lake City, UT

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Ever since his first visit as a child to a mid century modern dentist office in Northern California and seeing the perfectly scaled furniture sized just for him (Bertoia Wire Chair and Eiffel Tower Chair) he has had a passion for design, architecture, furniture and photography, and that passion lead him to study design for many years. Afterwards he entered the contract office furniture industry. With his extensive project management experience, background and knowledge, along with his wide range of talents and skills, he is able to conceptualize and deliver the results his clients need.

For the last 13 plus years Brian has worked in the contract office furniture industry. His areas of focus are: client services, project management, and installation. One of his first projects was to oversee the inventory management and VIK donation of office furniture for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. It was a great experience for him and opportunity for growth. Having experience from both the dealership and installation sides of the industry has given Brian a well-rounded knowledge base and understanding of what it takes to deliver successful results for his clientele. He enjoys working with people and finding solutions to meet their needs. He focuses on the outcome and end results for those he works with.

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