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Founded in 2009, Bridging the Divide is an innovative non-profit featuring a model that directly connects the American public to local grassroots organizations and activists working overseas on behalf of peace, rights issues, and the promotion of good governance. Bridging the Divide seeks to make meaningful and sustainable advances in global security and justice through:

Direct Engagement: Bridging the Divide seeks to help transform how Americans engage with those less fortunate overseas by connecting them directly with local communities and activist leaders in conflict-affected areas in the Middle East. Through social media and networking technologies, Bridging the Divide facilitates knowledge-sharing about advocacy efforts, and the exchange of financial resources between Americans and on-the-ground organizations overseas.

Smarter Funding: Providing long-term and steady funding to local peace and justice organizations in conflict zones allows them to take the lead in solving their own problems. This results in heightened local ownership and longer-term sustainability.

Accountability: Bridging the Divide promotes good organizational practices through evaluation and certification of organizations overseas. Through technical assistance and regular evaluations of governance, management, and operations, partner organizations improve their accountability and credibility.

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