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About me... What is there to say about me, that would catch your interest or make you even think twice about the videos I do? =^//^=

I guess I can start by saying I'm 22 years old. I've been a fan and admirer of anime and Music Videos and the art of composing them since I was 13. When I was 14, I started to do some of my own videos and Edits using oldschool Windows Movie Maker.

Since then, I've kind of graduated. I purchased Sony Vegas 6 on my 16th birthday, then Sony Vegas 10 on my 20th birthday and that program is now my baby. My videos went from being O.K to being O.K with more variation to them.

I don't think for a second that I'm an expert at video editing, because I'm not. I compile these things, music, anime, art, into what I hope are decent, fun little Tributes to get people interested in what I think is probably one of the greatest Animes out there.

(yes, since 14, I'm still an alive, well, and kicking 'Narutard')

I do this for fun. I do this to express myself. And to share with others the powerful messages behind what I think (personally, and manymanymany! will disagree, but that's O.K, we all have our own tastes)... is one of the more inspiring Series out there.

I hope you enjoy my AMV's. You can Private Message me, just to talk, I take requests for specific type of AMVs as well (the one restriction being that the Anime has to be Naruto, of course), because I like to make things for people who can enjoy it and spread the appreciation, entertainment and above all happiness... ^3^

I talk a lot, buut I'm a perfectly normal girl, nothing special going for me. I'm just here to share what I love to do in my spare time and I hope Vimeo turns out to be the kind of Site that would encourage such tributes, instead of... other sites I won't name but you already know. If my videos are in any way a conflict of this sites' purpose, I'll remove them immediately or not at all mind if my account is removed by admin.

I understand these things are a sticky process at the best of times.

But, til then, I'll do what I like and love and want to do! So yeah! Send me a shout-out, PM, comment, like me, follow me, ignore me, anything is cool -- I'd just love to hear from anybody. ^_^

Aaaand as a final nerdish sendoff, in the words of Uzumaki Naruto himself: "Dattebayo! (Believe it!)"

^w^ Peace, my friends.


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