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Calling all David Lynch fans! We started a movement to to bring back Twin Peaks! Please show him how much it would mean to not only older fans, but also a new generation of viewers if he were to bring back this masterpiece! Recent shows have been successfully brought back such as Family Guy and now Arrested Development is being brought back also! Recently, Twin Peaks items such as The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer and soundtracks from the show have been released and are selling well, as well as the DVDs! I have friends and family who weren't even alive when Twin Peaks was on air who were introduced to the show through Netflix, DVDs, and word of mouth! These newer viewers absolutely love it and came away with the same strong feelings that the original audiences did towards it!

For a show which only had 30 episodes in a 14 month span to still be relevant and still evoke such strong feelings and still get talked about by not only the original audience, but new viewers nearly 25 years after it was on the air shows what a truly special phenomenon it was and still is! Prime-time television was not quite ready for Twin Peaks when it first aired. However, shows like the X-Files, Desperate Housewives, Northern Exposure, Nip Tuck, and Lost have shown that Twin Peaks is ready for a rebirth, especially since all those shows owe a great debt to Twin Peaks for breaking the ground they built their followings upon! There are many loose ends to be tied up and there are also so many more new possibilities to explore! Please, Lynch and Frost, bring it back, and let's see what will happen to Agent Cooper now that his 25th year in the Black Lodge is about to come up!

Our Twitter tag is @TwinPeaksRedux
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