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Bring Media, Inc was founded in 2010 by entertainment industry siblings, Melissa Bring and Kyle Bring. The digital media production company draws upon over six years of experience in commercial photography, film and television production. Bring Media is focused on providing high quality advertising materials at an affordable rate. The company has had the pleasure of working with celebrity talent and companies such as Nike, Sanrio, Vogue ES, SpaceX, Etc.

The company recently added the Book Trailer production as a passion project for their mother and author, CN Bring. After watching her struggle with book marketing for a long time, it became a personal objective to create something effective and affordable for the indie author. “We asked friends and industry connections until we were blue in the face. We thought about what would grab our attention as people who eat, sleep and breathe online. A lot of companies were doing book trailers and we thought that was a really great idea. Unfortunately, they were just words floating over pictures. We said we should make book trailers like movie trailers! We became really excited about the idea and our clients can see that the passion grows with every production. Every author gets the “Mom” treatment.”

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