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Successful track record with 15+ years experience in branding, marketing, advertising and PR for corporate, entertainment, real estate, non-profit and start-up clientele.

Services include:
* Originate and implement strategic multi-tiered marketing and public relations programs;
* Consult leadership and boards on branding, marketing & PR;
* Develop strategic partnerships for publicity and promotion;
* Produce parties, conferences, launches, and premiers;
* Develop websites, CMS solutions and CRM programs;
* Design identity campaigns and marketing collateral;
* Develop and moderate social media campaigns;
* Oversee search engine optimization and online advertising;
* Increase visibility and awareness to improve image and boost event participation & donations.

As a true connector, building and maintaining a strong network has been key to my success.

Brand Strategy & Management • Business Development & Sales • Identity Campaigns • Logo Development • Marketing Collateral Design & Printing • Website Development & Programming • Content Management Solutions • Search Engine Optimization • Social Media Consulting & Moderation • PR & Promotions • Advertising & Direct Mail • Event Production & Sponsorship • Leadership Development & Start-up Consulting • Marketing Plan Development & Implementation • Email Campaigns

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