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BROS before PROS were never founded. They were here from the beginning. Our only mission was to give them a name! They represent a group of creative minds that think alike, endlessly roaming this planet in search of new inspirations, sometimes even going beyond their boundaries into other dimensions and out of their minds... We call it the state of BRO - a state that happens only in the morning, when your brain, suffering a hangover, start operating at intense speed, which by far surpasses neutrons, photons and electrons... It is called the speed of smell!!! We admit it. Sometimes we go a bit out of our way in search of this state to bring you the best designs and ideas possible at BRO prices. If you ever see a BRO sleeping by his car, wildly shivering, don’t give him the evil eye but rather offer him a blanket and some beer. Be aware that he’s simply looking for the land of BROS, wanting to come up with an unsurpassed new design that will bring joy and laughter to humankind for years to come... And don’t worry! He will find his car keys in the morning!

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