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Oporto; Portugal

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Bruno Carvalho is a filmmaker from OPorto, Portugal. He has studied Multimedia Design and Digital Arts at ESAD, School of Arts and Design in Matosinhos.
He have crafted commercial work for clients including Radio Popular, Anje, APAV, ESAD - Matosinhos, SLYOU Group, RTP, LUSA and more.
This work has been featured at festivals across the globe, such as Budapest Essentials Urban Festival, in Budapest and The Fashion Market's Annual Video Competition in Chicago.

Silver Medal - Fashion Film Festival Chicago 2014
Winner of Fashion Movie - Moda Lisboa / Janela Urbana 2014
Winner of Cri.D.A - Guimarães European Capital of Culture 2012
Innovation Award 2012 - PORTfólio Gradshow



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