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I have been involved with art and have been an artist of many kinds ever since I can remember. I have won numerous competitions with traditional and digital art some of which include, 2nd place in "Expose" pulling back the curtains on professional creative artists, 80th year adult youth competition for a traditional piece done in the style of Alice Ravinel Hugar Smith, which the painting now resides in city hall downtown South Carolina, and have been published in Artistik magazine in the issue of spring 2012 for my 3D modeling. I attended college at IADT Tampa and got my BFA degree majoring in Animation. It would be my dream to be employed by a game studio or film studio, using my skills and attention to detail to help create the next big thing or the next game or film. I have spent basically my whole life preparing and learning as much as I can and continue to learn so that I may always be helpful and considered a good asset. I look forward to going to work everyday and not having to call it my job, but instead my career and do what I love to do!

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