Bryn Scott-Grimes

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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A multi-talented musician known for his virtuoso diatonic harmonica playing, nimble guitar picking, witty lyrics, and large body of original, self-produced songs. His newest compilation (2012) is a 7-CD study of improvisation on major and minor diatonic harmonicas, a collection he recorded and documented (35000 words on chords, techniques, and modes). Since 2008 Bryn has self-produced three albums: Coyote (solo singer-songwriter guitar and vocals), High School Bryn (vocals and electronic programming), and The Harp Hornbook (solo original harmonica pieces). All of these were produced using Pro Tools, recycled CD jewel cases from CHRY radio station, hemp paper and a CD burner. The albums were distributed by hand.


  1. Ronald L. Grimes