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Build Films is a filmmaking team born and based in Winnipeg, Canada. But, we are known to move about the world now and again.

We are Christopher Paetkau, Trevor Gill, and Carlyle Paetkau.

And, last but not least, we've got the unparalleled Dead Horse Beats as our in-house composer.

Check him out here:

And say hello to us here:


  1. James Monkman
  2. badex
  3. casper balslev
  4. Panavision
  5. Crowns & Owls
  6. Dissolve
  7. Casey Neistat
  8. Kessler Crane
  9. Philip Bloom extras
  10. B&H Photo Video
  11. Matt Bieler
  12. Eclectic Method
  13. Juan Melara
  14. Alex Turvey
  15. Nathan Boey
  16. Scott Cudmore
  17. COLORS Magazine
  18. filmbot

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