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Starting from a point, the body, like matter, interacts with the reality across a subtle
vibration and in multiple dimensions.
This experience we use to rise the conviviality between daily and extra-daily, nature and
technology, instinct and reason …
The group beguins from meatings of Butoh Improvisation, and colaborations in paralel
proyects, where started the desire to have a common proyect and put it on the stage.
The members of the group are all comeing from different artistic disciplines like:
video-art, music, dance, juggling, clown, etc., so the desire is also to integrate all this
aptitudes in one artistic format. 6 artists who have investigated on diverse languages
and thecniques, propose to find an own language to the group and to give an heterogenic
identity to the performance.Butohpía is the result!!!

Concluding in that both parts must be compatible.
The bodies moved by the technological reality, represented on the stage by projections
and electronic sounds, are catapulted towards the need to mutate and integrate the
duality previously described, evolving towards a new species of technological animals.
Raised in the scene as a search of new frequencies of the reality, where bodies and
machines are twisted and manipulated, creating a landscape that ranges between the
dream and the wake.


  1. Migui Mandalasol