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Wichita, KS ( ICT )

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I'm Byron J. Love. I tried doing that third person thing but I'm just not into it. I like video. I being able to show the world what I see and how I see it. Maybe in hopes that someone sees it the same. Maybe in hopes that someone has never seen it that way at all. Maybe in hopes to prove to myself that I've seen it. That I was there. Any way, stories are a gift and no one frowns when you share a gift. Here are some of mine.


  1. Luke B
  2. Nick Probst
  3. Evan H. Senn
  4. Wade Hampton
  5. Justin Simien
  6. Eron Rawson
  7. Tommy Penner
  8. Tyler Pennick
  9. Taylor Brown
  10. Carlos Malache
  11. Trevor Macy
  12. Kyle H
  13. Christie Hofling
  14. Seth Blume
  15. Kevin Hager
  16. Sven W.
  17. Ride Free TV

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