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The BYU-Idaho Film Society was founded in November 2011. The main purpose of the Society is to help students pursuing a career in Film/Video Production obtain experience, and network with those in the society and learn from professionals in the industry.

The goal of the BYU-Idaho Film Society is to help those pursuing an interest in any form of film/video production such become familiar with and participate in the creation of this art form. The focus is to help society members:

1. Improve professional opportunities and network with those in the industry for internships and job placement.
2. Provide a forum for dialogue, interaction, and learning through faculty members, students, and professionals in the discipline through in person meetings and online video conferencing.
3. Develop a real life team and group skill set as well as additional knowledge in various responsibilities of cinematography by producing various forms of film/video productions.
4. Learn through each other and create bonds of friendship among students with similar professional or academic interests.
5. Provide leadership opportunities and help students develop greater faith in Jesus Christ.

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