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A business conference... Only different.

Set in the creative hotbed of Montreal, C2MTL is a collaborative and immersive conference that inspires right + left brain thinking through a smorgasbord of exhibitions, multimedia presentations, conceptual spaces, projections, collaborative workshops and creativity boot camps. The multifaceted event site will consist of an "innovation village" where participants will be challenged to explore new ideas, in various forms.

Curated by international creative company Sid Lee in collaboration with special creative partner Cirque du Soleil, content partner Fast Company who will celebrate the highly anticipated '100 Most Creative People in Business' and powered by leading conference specialists HSM, C2MTL is reinventing the business conference to find Creative Answers to Commercial Questions.

For tickets and information visit C2MTL.com or follow us @C2MTL on Twitter and facebook.com/C2MTL


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