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Formed in 2001 after a chance meeting in an edit suite, Cagoule merges live action, movement and motion graphics to create fresh and imaginative films. Cagoule's directors are Lewis Gourlay and Abby Warrilow.

Lewis is a motion graphic artist and an award winning creative editor and director; Abby is a director and choreographer with an international reputation who has also recieved numerous accolades for her work.

They chose the name Cagoule as a way of embracing their inner anorak - strictly in terms of their devotion to filmmaking you understand, in all other areas they are the epitome of cool. Cagoules bring to mind versatility, an ability to work in all weathers (an essential quality for anyone based in Scotland and Canada), something that's very handy and fits in your pocket and can be taken anywhere, just like they are. (Well apart from the bit about fitting in your pocket, but they are very nice and you can take them most places).

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