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He has graduated from the department of Cinema and Television, Anadolu University. During the university years, he entered the contest of International Advertisers' Association (Iaa) and Aydin Dogan Foundation, Young Communicators Contest with "recAi", the advertisement agency that was founded by him and his friends from the department of communication in Anadolu University, and won the prizes for “the best advertisement” and “the best third advertisement”. He directed many videos of amateur and professional music bands -including Zardanadam- during his education. Still at university, Cagri was apprenticed to the companies Abt Post-Production and Filmpark Film Production. After his graduation, he started his professional career by working as the assistant director in Filmpark Film Production. He assisted in the direction of some advertisement films. He quit his job in Filmpark Film Production in order to work on his own projects. Meanwhile, he directed the videos Diskotek (Panik), Oldur Beni (Zardanadam), Hadi Denizim(Piiz) and the promotion films of Kmg Research Group and Basak Emeklilik respectively. After that he works for FPS Production about 1,5 year and now he still keeps on working with the his own projects...

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