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CAKE is one of the world's leading kids' and family entertainment specialists. Since 2002, the London-based company has worked with animation and live-action producers from around the world to develop, create, commercially position and manage their IP propositions for international market. We handle everything from traditional television rights to digital, online and ancillary commercial rights.

CAKE also prides itself on being a well-established meeting place for a growing family of globally recognised producers.

CAKE offers a diverse and distinctive range of animated and live-action programming from the wonderfully gross Fleabag Monkeyface, global hit Let’s Go Pocoyo and eco-comedy Plankton Invasion to critically acclaimed TV parody Total Drama. Other titles include the beautifully-rendered Oscar’s Oasis and sci-fi adventure The Sparticle Mystery, delightful pre-school series Poppy Cat, ghostly drama Dead Gorgeous, the smart and savvy Angelo Rules and the unmistakable Tom & the Slice of Bread with Strawberry Jam & Honey.

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