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CAMERA237 are Marco, Tonie, Yandro, and Ignazio, 4 artists who share a passion for quixotic landscapes and auteur cinema. After their first self-produced EP in November '03, they recorded their first in-studio album, Vectorial Maze, in May 2004. C237 entrusted esteemed and multi-talented producer Fabio Magistrali (MagisterMobStudio) with the task of recording their album. Magistrali opted for a live recording and found the 4 musicians had both excellent technical and performance skills. The mastering was completed at Bips in Milan, Italy. The album was released in April 2005, and included a collaboration by Mirko Spino (Wallace Records). AREZZO WAVE LOVE FESTIVAL, NEAPOLIS FESTIVAL, MUSICA D'ALTA QUOTA(INTERNATIONAL NOISE FESTIVAL) are only a few of the events C237 have taken part in throughout their budding yet intense career. They have played alongside the likes of acclaimed artists such as KARATE, NICK CAVE, TORI AMOS, MK and have also had the honour of performing a duet with HUGO RACE. In December 2006, the band opened a show for SONIC YOUTH drummer Steve Shelley. Other notable milestones include the band's performances in honour of ROCKIT Magazine's 10th anniversary celebration in March 2007, (with Giardini di Mirò), as well as SIXDAYSONICMADNESS'S 10th anniversary celebration alongside Joe Lalli (FUGAZI) (July 2007) and YPSIGROCK FESTIVAL (August 2007). The band spent 2008, playing numerous live gigs as well as recording their second full-length album, INSPIRATION IS NOT HERE. Like its predecessor, the new record includes collaborations by illustrious artists/friends including Carmelo Pipitone (Marta sui Tubi), Giacomo Fiorenza (42records) and Andrea Suriani. Furthermore, Francesco Donadello (Giardini di Mirò) oversaw the artistic direction(including mastering), at l'ALPHA DEPt. Studios - Bologna, italy The album was released 13th February 2009, on the Foolica Records label and is available in all Italian record stores. Distribution by Halidon, Press Agency c/o Urtovox.

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