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Collection Arnhem Product is a cooperation project of the 3th year students Product Design at ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Arnhem. Since five years, this tradition has been maintained.

We see the world from different perspectives: up, over, in and out. Collaboration and transformation will be the keywords words in our future. We need each other; by sharing and uniting our individual thoughts, we step out of the standards of our time and enter a new phase. By working together and sharing our thoughts from the very start, our products are grounded on interconnection and thus are very closely related.
From our new perspectives, we discover qualities in trivial things and play with their contradictions. In our view, a garbage bag and a silk cloth are of equal value. Our products are results from the “just go and do it”-motto.
We emphasize energy, impulsivity, focus, attention and making effort. We open up and let unexpected material qualities surprise and amaze us.
We stand for collaboration, involvement, openness, transparency and sharing. By releasing our processes, we invite you to take part in and be part of the development of our products.
Providing insight in the making process, you’re given an opportunity to discover new views, qualities and values.
Be a part of Up, Over, In, Out. Try this yourself.

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