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  1. demo reel

    by tarek joined

    11 Videos / 3 Members

  2. ViewReels - An Online Library of Showreels

    by Dennis Rubio joined

    814 Videos / 657 Members

    Your Online Library of Showreels

  3. demoreel

    by themick joined

    4 Videos / 5 Members

  4. ShowREEL

    by Cezmi KARDAS joined

    336 Videos / 206 Members

  5. D3200

    by Adolfo Solorio joined

    6 Videos / 3 Members

    Your films made with the new Nikon D3200.

  6. Nikon D3100

    by Nikon D3100 joined

    662 Videos / 339 Members

    Nikon D3100 Key Features: •14.2 megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor •3.0" LCD monitor (230,000 dots) •Image sensor cleaning (sensor shake) •11 AF points (with 3D tracking) •IS0…

  7. Nikon Cinema

    by DSLR Guy joined

    3,109 Videos / 1,282 Members

    Nikon DSLR cinematography showcases videos shot with ALL the various Nikon DSLR cameras.. D90 D300s D5000

  8. Think Sexy

    by think sexy joined

    1,197 Videos / 5,917 Members

    Thinksexy! Suggested to: Open minded, Artistic, Interesting people. Strickly prohibited: Concervatives, Puritans... Blog http://think-sexy.tumblr.com/

  9. Independent Filmmakers

    by Brian Chambers Productions joined

    56.3K Videos / 16.2K Members

    This group is designed to showcase and promote any independent features, shorts, trailers, tests etc.

  10. Short Films

    by Procine joined

    62.7K Videos / 33.6K Members

    To add your films to the channel, do the following: Go to YOUR video page and under the video frame you´ll see the icon ¨+ ADD TO¨. Click it. You´ll see the options to add your…

  11. Nude Performance Art, Dance and Video: EROART

    by Frank Moore joined

    11.8K Videos / 10.3K Members

    THE EROART GROUP IS FOR VIDEOS CONTAINING NUDITY AND EROTICISM. I wrote the below manifesto before the internet, before people like Annie Sprinkle reclaimed the word “porn” for life…

  12. Big Shorts - Filmmaking Challenge

    by stillmotion joined

    106 Videos / 291 Members

    We've found that audio is one of the most overlooked elements in filmmaking, so we're challenging you to make it your focus! We hope it'll give your approach a swift kick in the tush…

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