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“Best Actor “Cassandra Awards” 2007 “The Kiss Of The Spider Woman”-The Musical, “Congressional Recognition” by Members of the Congress of the United States Of America, “Great Seal of the City of Atlantic City” Atlantic City, New Jersey 2006, “The Nuestro Pueblo Award of Art & Entertainment” by HAAC (Hispanic Alliance Of Atlantic City) 2006, “Las Palmas De Oro” “Best Director 1990” New York, “30 Stars”-(AMUCABA New York) for his artistic contribution to the Hispanic community, “Service Recognition Award” By Trump Marina Hotel & Casino 2006
Actor, Director, Producer and writer, Carlos Espinal, was born July 14 in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. He is one of the most important stage actors of his country. As an adolescent he attended the Fine Arts Palace’s School of Performing Arts, after his graduation, he continued to enrol in different arts-related workshops to learn and gain experience in the various aspects of the art, such as: scenic direction, singing, production, and make-up. This provided the experience, professionalism, and talent that personifies his essence, and, while still a teenager in 1983 made his debut as Director of the play “El Baul de los Disfraces” (A trunk full of costumes) at the National Theater in the capital city. Carlos was sensational in this play as he was also the co-producer and performed the role of actor for 5 different characters.
At that early stage, while he was still working for some of the most important directors of the time, back in the Dominican Republic, he decided to establish a new theatre group with his colleagues and friends “ Teatro de Tres” (Theater For Three).
During that same period, Carlos received a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in Madrid, Spain. However, due to circumstances beyond his control at the time, Carlos and his family opted to immigrate to the City of New York where he started his bilingual training in dance, singing, and acting at the Puerto Rican Travelling Theatre. His teachers, recognizing his special talents, recommended him for work in other Hispanic theater companies. His “Letter of Introduction” was the play titled “En La Ardiente Obscuridad” (In the Burning Darkness) by the Spanish author, Bueno Vallejo, performed at the old Casa de España (House of Spain). In this play, Carlos gained immediate recognition as one of the most talented actors of the Hispanic Theater in the city.
Later, he became a member of the Children’s Theater group “The Bubbles Players”, performing the lead role in the bilingual play “A Bird Named Cu”. He then performed the lead role in The Three Wise Men. While this is going on, Carlos was studying English and liberal arts at the LaGuardia Community College, and also modern dance, voice and Speech and acting at he H.B. Studios. His first singing teacher introduced him at the First Hispanic Singing Festival where he received great acceptance by the arts loving public.
A few years later he was accepted at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy of New York where he graduated in 1989. He later formed the “Taller de Actores” (Actors Workshop) where he directed plays such as “La Cantante Calva” (The Bald Soprano) and “Los Angeles Se Han Fatigado” (The Angels Are Exhausted), “El Ultimo Instante” (Last Instant), “The Yes Men” and “Never Again”. This work drew very positive criticism from publications like El Diario La Prensa, which categorized Carlos’ work as one of the best and most important in the year 1990.
Carlos has worked for Teatro La Tea of New York as Artistic Director, actor and director for an extensive period of time. His credits include work at Repertorio Español, Circulo Theater, IATI Theater, Sociedad Educativa de Las Artes, Prometeo, Teatro Arte Unido, among others. In 1984 he participated in the famous Joseph Papp “Latino Theater Festival of New York”. He directed the “15th Anniversary of La Tea Theater that was presented as special in PBS. As an actor he has been seen in the TV show Law and Order (as Chuy Badillo) among some of the great American television stars. Carlos has also a long and active career in the Dominican television where he has performed various dramatic tv roles. In 1993 he was invited to perform the controversial play “Caligula” at the National Theater. For this role he was nominated Best Actor of the year for the prize “El Casandra”.
Among other works we find: “Dracula”, “Mas Que Ayer”, “Las Mariposas Son Libres”(Butterflies Are Free) (nominated for Best Actor, Best Production, Best actress, Secondary Actress) “La Ultima Diva”, “Pantallas”, “Amadeus” (nominated for Best Production, Best Actor, and Best Direction). After a career spanning 26 years and a vast curriculum of over 50 shows, and the most positive reviews any actor can wish, Carlos also was the voice of Cafe A La Media Noche, the most relevant late night radio show of the Dominican Republic,
In the last few years, Carlos has directed “The Dominican Gala” at the Atrium of the City Hall in the city of Atlanta. He also directed the Latino Festival Peachtree 2002 that featured some of the biggest stars of the Mexican and Caribbean music scene with over 20 thousand spectators. This festival was televised by Televisa for the rest of the world. His most resent work was as a producer of the video clip for the song “Estes Donde Estes” by the Latin singer “Jernardo”.

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