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THU June 13th 7:45PM, LAST CONCERT OF THE SEASON at the prestiguous Atelier Z Centre Culturel Christiane Peugeot, 62 av de la Grande Armée, Paris 17.

Upcoming concert series : May 30th "Continuity of parks."
Carlos Hernan is a Peruvian composer , pianist and singer who studied music at the University of Miami and worked in the PR Department of Sony Music Miami Beach.
Nowdays, based in Paris, France, he gives concerts with his music, a fusion of Classical-Electro-Pop. He has played his music in Budapest and Lima, his hometown.
The poster has been designed by Peruvian artist Giuliana Origgi.
All concert dates are below:
February 26th
March 29th
April 23rd
May 30th
June 18th and 26th 2013

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